Wildfire Lift...

I finally saved up enough cash for a 4 post car lift to put in the "Man Cave"  I decided to go with wildfirelifts.com

It was a beast of a package, about 2700 pounds but I managed to get it installed in a few days.  

Custom Dynamics

Just wanted to give a shout out to "Custom Dynamics"  they provide some awesome led motorcycle lighting.  https://www.customdynamics.com/ 

I ordered one of their license frames and I botched the install job a bit and they were kind enough to send me a replacement.  Again, it was something I messed up on installation and they stood by their product to make it right. 

Outstanding customer service, and great products.  I would recommend them for all your MC lighting needs.  

here is the integrated brake/running/turn signal license frame on the Yamaha project...





79 Yamaha XS1100

well here is the summer project for 2017,  its a 1979 Yamaha XS1000 Special.   this thing was a rocket back in its prime.  believe it or not it will look cool when I am done with it... 



On Sunday 4/23/2017 we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Bear.  He was Korines "Boy" for almost 16 years and my "Step Cat" for nearly 8.  He was no doubt one of the nicest cats to ever walk the earth, he will be missed. 

The new toy...

Decided to grab a 1993 Honda XR650L from craigslist late November 2015... It needed some love and attention.

here is how it looked when I picked it up:

and after a little tweaking,  dirt tires, front fender, bark busters, new head pipe and muffler, removed decals, 2" risers, mini blinkers, new tail light and license mount, new tool bag, larger tooth sprockets

more to come!

Lowered the bagger...

Finally got Air Ride installed in the bagger, used a reserve tank for instant up...  works and looks great.

Here are some lowered pics... just in time for winter.

Spring 2015

Once again spring is starting out strong for the bagger... custom tank, rear fender, bags, floorboards, this machine is starting to take shape.

Winter of 2014-2015 Harley Progress

I had a lot of activity on the Harley this winter,  stretched tank, stretched rear fender and stretched bags...  starting to turn out pretty cool.

2014 International Motorcycle Show

I decided to bring my bagger to the 2014 Minnesota International Motorcycle Show in January,  had no intention of winning anything yet as I am not even close to done with this bike but figured I would check it out.  

I did find out that my Yamaha was featured in the calendar though.... that was cool.

2013 Route 65 Pub and Grub Annual Bike Show

I decided to actually ride my Yamaha to this bike show, ended up being a great day and another win for the rocket... I forgot how much fun this thing is to open up on the highway...  here are some pics.