2011 Donnie Smith Bike Show

Ever since my first visit to the Donnie Smith Bike show in 2006 I told myself I am going to enter this show and win….   Well 5 years later it was a reality, tons customizing, tweaking and a lot of money but I was able to make it happen. 

First off I had to buy a trailer to get the bike down to the River center, I would ride the bike but the show is in March, anyone that knows Minnesota knows that March is not a good month for bikes on the road J  I picked up a brand new Stealth trailer, pretty slick and will come in handy in the future.

 Second piece I needed was a good set of stanchions,  people just love to touch stuff at these shows, I don’t get it, it’s totally disrespectful so I need something tough to keep people AWAY from my hobby.

The show is 3 days long, it was a great turnout and I had lots of friends stop by to check things out.The show was also extremely stressful, leaving the bike there unattended after working on it for 6 years! Who wouldn’t be stressed? 

Sunday was judgment day,   I was entered in the “Sport Bike” class, majority of the bikes at the show were not sport bikes but there was a decent share of nice looking sport bikes for competition.   I learned they had about 12 judges from the automotive and motorcycle industry go around the River center Friday night when it was all closed up and did the judging.

After a while the announcer got to my class,  “Ok for third place….”  wasn’t me,  “OK second place goes to….”  wasn’t me,  so now I am thinking I must have won first place,  I would have been happy with anything.  “Ok first place goes to….”, wasn’t me !!   I looked at my wife and we were both in shock, not to sound arrogant but my bike was not a comparison to some of these winners!!  I was literally sick to my stomach.  The judges must be corrupt or something is not right here, they stated how they judged on the details etc.,   well they must not know anything about detail!  I have tiny little brake reservoirs custom made from Italy and then chromed along with thousands of other details I thought these guys were nuts…

I was ready to walk out, pissed off and mad at the world,  I start walking away from the area where the announcer and Donnie Smith were handing out plaques and then I hear,  “Now for the Best in Show for each class”,  I was like WTF is this ?   So I turned around and they happened to start with my class, “Best in show for the sport bike class winning a trophy and cash goes to…. Josh Headlee”, talk about going from an extremely low pissed off feeling to overwhelming joy,   I was like these guys do know what they are talking about after all! 

This photo was a little embarrassing to take,  there were at least 20 hells angels and other "tough" biker dudes and I was the only one taking a picture with the trophy... oh well.

So it was overall very stressful but fun and worth every penny to make it happen,  now it’s time for the next project….  Check out some more pics here